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What is an End of Life Celebrant?

A “Funeral Celebrant” is a qualified individual who works with a family to create and conduct a celebration of Life, fitting to the beliefs, values and wishes of the deceased and/or their family members.

The ceremony might or might not be traditional depending on the requests presented. A Celebrant takes the place of a minister and/or works in conjunction with clergy.

As a Celebrant, my goal is to capture the essence of who the individual was and share the memories collected from family and close friends.

Often, funerals are religious and “cookie cutter” in nature and do not reflect the unique individual it was intended to celebrate. My goal is to honour the deceased with a sincere, genuine tribute that truly connects with the individuals left behind. The service can be spiritual in nature honouring the convictions and attitudes of the deceased and surviving members.

Most importantly, it is tailor-made to show respect and honour. As a Celebrant, I spend quality time with the family, capturing stories and memories. This allows me to craft a beautiful celebration on behalf of the family. My goal is to relieve the family from performing at the ceremony and allow them the opportunity to focus on their grief.

A Celebration of Life is one of the most important events that is done for those left behind and is meant to start the important process of grieving well.

Kathleen is a Transition Coach, a TEDx speaking coach and an End of Life Celebrant. Working with people at sensitive times in their life is her passion.

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