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Transitioning Life Coach

Solution-focused, tackling the complexities of life, let’s journey together to discover your full potential as you navigate moving forward…


Small Business and Executive coaching Assisting you with the use of tools to navigate through challenges and issues related to career, business, leadership & team building. You will come away with a relevant, realistic and achievable plan that will assist in reaching your goals.

Pre-marital CoachingMarriage is a big commitment so together you will navigate through core values and relationship preparation.  Using fun tools, you will come up with how best to connect in your marriage relationship drawing on each others strengths and being prepared to work through challenges that come in every marriage. 

Change Advocacy – Divorce, health challenges and senior transitioning often are not areas we plan for in life. Together we will work towards your empowerment during these changes. Working with individuals going through challenges who are looking for confidence and a plan for moving forward.

Team Training and Networking – Lunch and Learn or after work connections offer a group setting for executives and professionals who might find the cost of one on one coaching a challenge and are willing to participate in a small class environment. Navigating through workplace issues using coaching tools done together in a safe setting.

Fund Development Coach - includes navigating the obstacles facing an organization who needs to develop a sustainable financial fund raising plan

Speaker & Workshop Facilitator - Available to speak or to do group facilitation on a variety of topics around making smooth transitions in navigating life’s course

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I offer competitive pricing which includes a free introductory session. Package prices are available.

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