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Creating an End of Life Celebration

Preparing a meaningful tribute can be a daunting task when you have had a loss. As your celebrant, I will come alongside of you and your family to assist in planning a special celebration of life that truly reflects the individual who has passed. I collect stories from family and friends which I weave into a meaningful story about the life of your loved one.

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro
Honouring Life


Kathy’s creative approach will help make your memorial service special. She is sensitive, genuine and she is gifted at drawing out the stories and memories. As your celebrant, Kathy is no stranger to her own personal grief journey through multiple losses of her own. Her caring approach along with her professional style will make your tough time a little easier as she brings the Celebration of Life together in a meaningful way. Kathy will weave your stories into a beautiful tribute that will warm your heart and assist with your grief process. As a life transitioning coach, Kathy understands how loss profoundly affects all of us and her goal is to come alongside of her clients to help ease the transition of life without your loved one.



Outlining and setting up the ceremony in cooperation with the funeral director will ensure a smooth service; help lining up music, video tributes and order of service including graveside when requested.



I will meet with your family before writing the service to come up with a fitting plan which honours the family’s wishes. I collect stories that will be written into the tribute. Be present prior to the service to liaise with the family and funeral home staff. Provide a copy of the service to the family and follow up to ensure the process was satisfactory.

Pet Memorials


Knowing that our pets are a big part of the family, Kathy will consult; gather stories, pictures and memorabilia to create a lovely service that memorializes your special family member.



Prepared by meeting together to plan out the service or ceremony that will best honour your loved one. I will meet with loved one, family or caregiver to assure that preparations are made and carried out. Advantages include a well planned service, funeral can be done in a timely fashion and ease of mind for those left behind.



Recognizing that the end of a marriage is a tough transition in life, Kathy will create a ceremony as part of starting a new chapter in your life. Recognition will be given to the good, bad and ugly of the marriage and an opportunity to begin the healing process through closing the chapter of what was….

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