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I’m Kathy Funk, long time business executive and not for profit management professional. Navigating life and business challenges are not new for me. The empowerment of having a coach come alongside of me as a support and confidante has contributed to my success. My passion is assisting others to realize their full potential.


Transitions come our way in life and knowing how to cope can present a challenge. Sometimes we just get stuck and need some down time to explore options. As a coach and motivator, I will guide you through a process that will help bring clarity to your journey.  

As a certified InSight Celebrant, I will give a fresh approach to the traditional funeral service. During your time of loss, it is important to give yourself permission to grieve.  Planning the funeral or Celebration of Life can be a daunting task. Using my creative writing talent to design a beautiful tribute about the life of your loved one is important to me. I am compassionate and sensitive to your needs during your time of loss and want you to leave the details up to me.  I have 30 years of experience in event & ceremony planning and will apply my attention to detail to your Celebration of Life. 


My personal love of animals inspired me to provide pet memorial services. Having always done this for my family when we have lost furry family members, I can create a beautiful ceremony or tribute for your "special" friend. 

About Me...

As a Coach...

With genuine sensitivity, I would value the opportunity to come alongside of you while you journey through the challenges and obstacles that come your way. With strong listening abilities, I am here to make your experience the best. Erickson certified, I offer a wide variety of coaching experiences that are solutions focused and accountability driven.

As a Celebrant...

Believing every life is worth remembering, I will assist you in preparing a Funeral Ceremony or Celebration of Life that best suits your need. Preparing the event can be daunting, I will liase with the Funeral Director and assist you with all of the details of the service.  My function is to interview those connected to your loved one and create a wonderful story of their life. I will officiate at the event relieving the family of the need to perform.

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